Surveying and design services for ballast water management systems

With many years of experience in the field of construction and installation of ballast water management systems for ships, from repaired ships that require new installation to new built ships, An Tin Hai Phong is proud to be the leading provider of survey and installation services for ballast water management systems in Vietnam.

We perform a full range of services including:

  1. Consulting on equipment suitable to the capacity and technical specifications of the ship

Based on the specifications and actual condition of the respective equipment on board, we will provide advices on the most suitable equipment, both technical and economical for the ship.

  1. Send professional engineers to survey the actual condition of the ship and provide the most economical repair material norms for customers

Conduct an actual survey with the ship to measure and collect actual images, from which to develop an installation plan. Professional 3D scanners can be used to measure and simulate the actual space on the ship, thereby increasing accuracy in the process of developing installation plans.

  1. Make plans, materials, edit drawings, create 3D designs

After collecting actual images from the ship, our engineers will use specialized software to simulate and design a ballast water management system suitable for the space on the ship and other technical conditions of the ship, then give the corresponding installation plans and materials.

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