Repair and maintenance services for ships

During operations, there are many reasons that cause ships to wear out, be locally damaged and degrade over time. To increase the life of the ship, a big problem is the need to regularly maintain, maintain and repair the ship. Maintenance and repairs for ships can be done anywhere, but can only be done most effectively when the ship is in port or anchorage, with technical support of professional qualifications engineers from companies specializing in providing technical services.

Ship repair is a service that must ensure high technical requirements and minimize repair time, because this is an issue of great economic significance. The basic tasks of ship repair work are:

  • Ensuring the normal operation of the ship during operation, preventing damage to equipment and the ship’s hull.
  • Guaranteed quick repair time.
  • Re-equip and improve the operating performance of ships, extending their life.

The scope of ship repair work is very wide:

  • Repairing ships on docks and floating docks with a tonnage of up to 70,000 tons
  • Repair of hulls, steel structures, pipes, valves
  • Cleaning and coating the hull
  • Repair shaft, propeller, rudder
  • ….

With the above tasks and repair scope, An Tin Hai Phong can ensure our repair scope at all seaports and anchorages in Vietnam as well as foreign seaports and anchorages. Our repair service can respond 24/7 to shorten repair time and save costs for ship owners.

An Tin Hai Phong – with many years of experience in the field of providing marine technical services, we have a team of professional and experienced technicians who can maximally meet the requirements of customers in the shortest time. With professional services and a team of highly skilled staff, our company hopes to provide customers with the most reliable and on-time services.

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