Engine power limitation equipment (EPL)

In the maritime industry’s regulations on marine environmental protection, there is a requirement for ships to reduce emissions to achieve the overall environmental protection goal set. To achieve the emission reduction target, there will be a number of measures as follows:

  • Install an engine power limitation (EPL).
  • Installing more or replacing more efficient energy-saving devices.
  • Converting to other, more environmentally friendly alternative fuels.

Among them, installing EPL is the top choice that most ship owners currently choose, because of the efficiency and cost savings of this solution.

EPL is a device used to limit the power and rotational speed of an engine, to ensure the engine will operate within the specified emission range.

  • For mechanically controlled engines, a locking device can mechanically lock the fuel gauge using the mechanical stop screw, sealed with wire or equivalent, with a governor limiting setting so that the ship’s crew cannot release the EPL without the permission of the master or OICNW.

  • For electronically controlled engines, the fuel index limiter can electronically lock the fuel index or limit power directly in the engine’s control system, so that the ship’s crew cannot release the EPL without the permission of the master or OICNW.

The EPL assembly is sealed with sealing wire and tamper-proof seals. The wire sealing must go through the EPL and the stem limit bolt. Each seal is marked with a unique serial number for easy identification and verification by regulatory authorities/ROs. Tamper-proof seals can be used once and once in place cannot be removed.

The sealing wire can only be removed by cutting the wire, and re-sealing is not possible, when a new sealing wire is required to re-seal the EPL.


EPL will be manufactured specifically for each ship, depending on the type of main engine of that ship. The production time of EPL depends on the manufacturer’s production time and the licensing time of the competent authorities (average 8 – 12 weeks). Setting the EPL for main engines on ships is based on the EEXI (Vessel Energy Efficiency Index) spreadsheet, was introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and has been applied in most international waters.

Recently, An Tin Hai Phong has implemented many projects to supply and install EPL for many ships with many different brands/main engine models and has been highly appreciated for its quality and service.

EPL installation project on ship M/T AU LAC CONIFER – M/E: 7S50MC-C

EPL installation project on ship M/V HAI NAM 81 – M/E: 6S-50MC-C

We believe that with our experience in the field of supply and installation of EPL as well as other marine equipment, An Tin Hai Phong will always be the leading choice for cooperation in the field of providing equipment and technical services for the maritime industry.

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