Consulting, supplying and supervising construction for Nippon paint

Founded in 1881, Nippon Paint Corporation today has become one of the world’s leading brands of Paints and Coatings. Present in 16 countries around the world, Nippon Paint is currently the top 4 paint company in the world and number one in Asia. Through constant efforts in improving the protective function of paint and creating new color series, Nippon Paint has been a pioneer in the field of exploring new technology, always striving to meet customer expectations.

Nippon Paint has been present in Vietnam since 1994 with 100% foreign investment, the factory is located in Bien Hoa II Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai. Since its launch in Vietnam, Nippon Paint has always produced the best quality paint products manufactured based on Japanese technology to serve the automotive, marine, and architectural industries, home decoration…

Nippon Paint Marine is the first industry of Nippon Paint Group, with a history of more than 140 years with constant innovation in technology, to protect ships from environmental influences as well as save energy. In 2022, the Nippon Paint Marine brand officially brings genuine marine paint product lines to the Vietnamese market.

An Tin Hai Phong Co., Ltd. is an authorized dealer of Nippon marine paint products in the Vietnamese market. In each marine painting project, depending on each customer’s needs, we will provide appropriate consulting and construction supervision. We always provide a diverse and comprehensive service package to support customers during the implementation of projects.

Our steps to implement a project include:

  • Survey and evaluate the damage to painted areas of the ship – After agreeing on the survey time with the ship owner, we will send a technician to survey and evaluate the damage to the ship’s painted areas along with the ship’s and factory’s techniques. The survey report will then be sent to customers, factories and Nippon paint company.
  • Consulting and making construction plans – From the survey report and the customer’s desired project completion time, we will advise and make appropriate construction plans.

  • Supervise construction and support paint management in the warehouse – After handing over the paint to the ship owner and factory, according to the construction time agreed with the factory and ship owner, our technicians will supervise the construction daily. Supervisory work of technicians includes:
    • Check the surface is cleaned before painting
    • Check weather conditions and apply according to the paint company’s required standards
    • Coordinate with the ship owner to distribute paint to the construction team of the correct type and quantity
    • Control the wet paint film thickness using the wet paint thickness gauge
    • Use a dry paint film thickness gauge to measure the thickness if any thin areas require the contractor to apply a touch-up paint before applying the next layer
    • Prepare daily item inspection reports for each item
    • Collaborate with ship owners to regularly control the ship’s paint quantity and issue warnings about excess or lack of paint and solvents
  • Provide CO, CQ documents, certificates and antifouling certificates, and complete handover documents to the ship owner.

With all of our painting projects, An Tin Hai Phong always provides warranty and after-sales service to customers. All types of paint will be warranted by us according to Nippon standards. The ship’s submerged antifouling paint system will be warranted according to the ship’s specific procedures and Nippon’s standards, under the supervision of technicians throughout the construction process to ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s standards and procedures. Our team of experienced technical staff will regularly contact and check the ship’s paint condition. If an error occurs within our warranty, we will immediately send a technician to promptly fix it.

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